Established in 1938 Akhurst Machinery has grown to become one of the largest independent equipment distributors in North America. Over the past seven decades the company has achieved steady growth. This growth has been the result of a continued focus on customer service and the ability to provide the best equipment solutions to manufacturing challenges. To this day Akhurst Machinery remains a family owned company, bringing those family values to their dealings with both customers and suppliers.

Akhurst sells and services machinery, accessories, tooling & supplies for businesses engaged in the following categories: Wood Processing & Grinding/Sharpening.

Woodprocessing Grinding & Sharpening
  • Solid Wood Processing
  • Panel Processing
  • Remanufacturing
  • Planer Mills
  • Board Plants
  • Sawmills
  • Knife Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Cutter Grinding

Akhurst’s goal is to provide customers with ONE PLACE to purchase their equipment, tooling, & supplies while providing top level technical service & parts support.  Akhurst proudly represents many of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery, tooling, & supplies. It is with these strong alliances that Akhurst has become a trusted supplier to many of their industry leading manufacturing customers in the United States.

Akhurst Machinery was established by W.A. Akhurst in 1938. His son, H.W. "Spud" Akhurst joined the company in 1945, after serving with the Royal Canadian Navy in World War II. What started as a family-run enterprise, operating from a one-room office in Vancouver, has steadily grown over the years.

Although Akhurst has become a major player in the Woodworking and Metalworking Industries, today it remains a family owned business. The ownership of the company successfully transitioned in to its 4th generation in 2016 from the 3rd generation of Bruce & Brian Akhurst to Graham, Brent, & Ryan Akhurst. Together with company President Eric Stebner, they are the visionaries of the current operations and have provided guidance and leadership to help Akhurst achieve another 70 years. The Akhurst "extended family" is rounded out by a dedicated team, committed to providing value added solutions to its customers.